These were the good ol' days!

(Souvenez-vous de la musique des Années 80)

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Welcome to this site dedicated to the Music of the 80's!

(Pour la page en Français, cliquez ici)

If you got hooked on music, like me, around the age of 6-7
(in the middle of the Seventies ;-), I'm sure you have bought your
first vinyl records between the end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's.

You - certainly - also listened to local or national radios, I guess,
and you have recorded some tapes with your favorite songs.

Some years later, no doubt you purchased your first CD player
and started to re-build your record library, but on Compact Discs!

If this is all true for you, you'll be able, on this site, to remember
all the main titles/songs/albums of these ol' good 80's,
simply browsing thru my own record collection (of course, in no way
ALL the titles of the 80's could be included here :).

One point of detail, though: my 'record collection', here, will just be composed
of the lists of these titles/songs/albums. An extended version of this site
will include snapshots of the Vinyl and CD covers, but due to the huge disk space
required by this version, I don't know when you'll be able to see it on-line...

However, you will notice that these lists are rather well detailed,
notably showing the release year of the titles/albums, and their duration
(things I have rarely found while 'surfing' on other pages).

Well, enough talking for now, grab your mouse and goooo!

Have a good time browsing my lists :-)


Additionally, here you'll also find the list of my Vinyl Singles as well as
the list of my albums on CD (global list this time, the eight first
representing more a kind of "Best of" for each music style).

I'm looking for these titles
Now, if you have some time, I'd like you to look at my Wanted List,
ie. the list of singles or albums I'm looking for, in CD quality of course,
though, a good extended Vinyl version would not be that bad ;-)

You can now have a look at my Links page,
if you want to surf away ;-)

Finally, here, I'd like to deeply thank all the kind people
who already helped me, brought me some precious informations
like authors, titles, years, and so on! Thanks a lot!

Thanks in advance for all the informations you'll give me
and I hope that my lists will have been helpful to you!



(Site created on March 21, 1998)

(and updated... each time I get "new" 80's titles :)

This 80's Music Ring site owned by Nico.
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Wanna remember the good ol' Amiga Mods, now? ;-)